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7th ICON-LA Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia (5 – 7 June 2013)

7th ICON-LA Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia (5 – 7 June 2013)

Events 2013

Date: 5 – 7 June 2013

Venue: St. Petersburg, Russia

Organizers: Administration of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg Forest Technical University – Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Co-organizers: SURE – Prof. Jürgen Breuste (University Salzburg, Austria)

Organising Comittee: Larisa Kanunikova (Administration of St. Petersburg); Rector Andrey Selikhovkin, Irina Melnichuk, Victor Smertin and Kirill Pimenov (St. Petersburg Forest Technical University – Faculty of Landscape Architecture); Tuula Eriksson, Maria Ignatieva and Per Berg (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

Contact to the organizers: Institutski Pereulok, 5 FTA; 194021, St.-Petersburg, Russia

Conference Webpage: 


Water Landscapes and urbanization: design, ecology and management

The main objective of this international scientific conference was to raise the attention and awareness among scientists, urban planners, hydrologists, ecologists, professional landscape architects, city administrations and other stakeholders, about water landscapes in urban environments. The focus was on the understanding of modern and heritage water landscapes, evaluation of its ecological and cultural values, visions of blue infrastructures and mitigation of consequences of globalisation and climate change. St. Petersburg is the truly city of water landscapes with Neva River, numerous tributaries, canals, streams, fountains and wetlands. St. Petersburg history and culture is based around the water theme. Floods were a recurring feature of this city for more than three hundred years. The dam construction attracted attention of the world’s scientists and engineers in this field. The “Venice of the North” is invited as participants to share their vision on future of water landscapes.

There were 5 subthemes during the conference:

  1. Water landscapes and mitigation of global/climate change;
  2. Water Heritage Landscapes (water landscapes in history, literature and art)
  3. Water landscapes as a part of Green‐Blue infrastructures;
  4. Ecology of Water landscapes;
  5. Design and Management of water landscapes


  • 3-4 June Pre‐conference tour in St. Petersburg (optional)
  • 5 June Conference Day in St. Petersburg
  • 6 June Conference Day in St. Petersburg
  • 7 June Technical excursion on boat in St. Petersburg
  • 8 June Post conference tour (optional)

Excursions and cultural programme:

Visits to historical and modern public/residential parks and water landscapes structure were part of the technical tours of the conference in St Petersburg. Optional pre-conference St. Petersburg sightseeing (e.g. the Hermitage and Russian Museum).

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