Books & Monographs

The following books were publicated by members of the SURE during the last years.

Labor Forces and Landscape Management Editors: Shimizu, Hiroyuki, Takatori, Chika, Kawaguchi, Nobuko (Eds.). 2017

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Human-Environmental Interactions in Cities.
Kabisch, N. ; Larondelle, N.; Reeve, A. and  M. Artmann (Eds.). 2014.

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Urban Ecology. Patterns, Processes and Applications.
Niemela, J.; Breuste, J.; Guntenspergen, G.; McIntyre, Nancy E.; Elmqvist, T.; James, P. (Eds.). 2011.


Ecology of Cities and Towns – A Comparative Approach.
McDonnell, Mark J.; Hahs, Amy K. and  J. Breuste (Eds.). 2009.


Urban Ecology.
Marzluff, J; Shulenberger, E.; Endlicher, W.; Alberti, M.; Bradley, G.; Ryan, C.; ZumBrunnen, C.; Simon, U. (Eds.). 2008.


Stadtökologie. Ein Fachbuch für Studium und Praxis.
Sukopp, H. & Wittig, R. (Eds.). 2. Ed. 1998.


Urban Ecology.
Breuste, J.; Feldmann, H.; Uhlmann, O. (Eds.). 1998.