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Workshops on Urban Agriculture 10 – 13 January 2017 in Bogotá, Colombia

Venue: Bogotá – Pontificia University Javeriana, University ECCI, Bosa, Reserva Umbral Cultural Horizontes, Foundation Cerros de Bogotá Subject: Different themes under the main theme “Urban Agriculture” Organizer: collaboration between EcoNat, Instituto Humboldt Colombia and the Society for Urban Ecology Contact:[...]

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First South Asian Regional SURE Conference, 18-22 January 2017 in Karachi, Pakistan

Venue: Department of Geography, University of Karachi and International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, University of Karachi Subject: Urban Ecology and Frontiers of Sustainable Development Organizer: Prof. Dr. Jamil Kazmi (SURE‐South Asia, President) Prof. Dr. Salman Qureshi (Humboldt University Berlin,[...]

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SURE Summer School 3 – 8 July 2017 in Salzburg

Sustainability of environment and development in urban regions – The case of Salzburg region, Austria Venue: Salzburg, Austria – Paris Lodron University, Nature Science Faculty Building, Hellbrunnerstr. 34 Subject: Sustainability of environment and development in urban regions – The case[...]

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International Workshop 6-9 July 2017 in Bucharest

Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Urban Planning Venue: University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography, Bucharest, Romania Organizer: Centre for Environmental Research and Impact Studies, Faculty of Geography – University of Bucharest and Society for Urban Ecology – South East Europe Chapter[...]

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SURE Summer School 21 to 26 August 2017 in Bucharest (Romania)

Urban Climate Change Challenge: Monitoring, Assessment & Adaptation Venue: Bucharest, Romania – University of Bucharest Organizers: Research Institute of University of Bucharest (ICUB), Urban Climate Research Center at Arizona State University (ASU), Urban Water Innovation Network (ASU-CSU), Society for Urban[...]

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