WG Urban Agriculture

Working Group on Urban Agriculture

Today’s society is facing complex societal challenges connected with urbanization and food production. Urban agriculture including urban farming and urban gardening can be considered a nature-based solution providing solutions for various challenges such as climate change mitigation, ecosystem services, resource efficiency, urban renewal, public health, social cohesion or local economy. However, it needs a better understanding of impacts and implementation framework conditions related with different types of urban agriculture such as technological (e.g., aquaponics) or natural oriented urban agriculture (e.g., permaculture). The target of this working group is to exchange knowledge on different types of urban agriculture worldwide.

Current activities related to the working group are:

Symposium during the 10th IALE World Congress, July 1-5 2019; Milano, Italy

Special Issue in the SURE partner journal Sustainability

Further ideas for activities (e.g., common research, workshops) are welcome. If you are a SURE member and interested to join the working group, please contact Dr. Martina Artmann.

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