The Society for Urban Ecology (SURE)

Chapter Iran

The SURE Chapter Iran was founded on 11th June 2019 with the aim of expanding international cooperation on urban ecology in Iran and at University of Tabriz. The main purpose of SURE Chapter Iran is to encourage for participation of young and active researchers in urban ecosystem management, urban sustainable development, landscape architecture, urban and regional planning, urban ecology, and geography. The SURE Chapter Iran, was established at University of Tabriz in the northwest of Iran to participate and expand the membership of other Iranian universities researchers, students, institutes and organizations.

Prof. Mohammadreza Pourmohammadi

Prof. Mohammadreza Pourmohammadi

Steering committee in SURE Chapter Iran


Prof. Mohammadreza Pourmohammadi is the President of the Iran SURE chapter. He is professor in the Department of Urban  and Regional Planning, University of Tabriz. Also he was the governor of East Azerbaijan province in Iran and president of University of Tabriz.

Dr. Akbar Rahimi is the Vice President of the Iran SURE chapter and the responsible person for SURE. He is Associate Professor in the Department of  Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Planning and Environmental Science, University of Tabriz.

Dr. Mahsa Tarashkar (Post-doc resercher) is the Secretary-General of the Iran SURE chapter and Post-doc resercher in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Tabriz.

Reza Farhadi (MA, MSc) is the Treasurer of the Iran SURE chapter. Lecturer in the Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Hormozgan.

Prof. Dr. Hossein Nazmfar, Department of Geography and Urban Planning, University of Ardabil.

Prof. (Assoc) Dr. Fereydoun Babaei-Aghdam, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Tabriz. He is head of the Urban Planning and Architecture Commission in the City Council.

Prof. (Assoc) Dr. Iraj Teymuri, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Tabriz.

Prof. (Assoc) Dr. Hossein Karimzadeh, Department of Geography and Rural Planning, University of Tabriz.


The Iranian Chapter SURE has 52 members, in majority students.

Chapter reports


Symposium “Urban Nature Design and Management” in Tabriz (Iran), 2 March 2024


The symposium “URBAN NATURE DESIGN and MANAGEMENT” was successfully organized by the Iran SURE Chapter on 2 March 2024 at the University of Tabriz. It was organized in cooperation with the University of Tabriz, the University of Bucharest and the Slovak Technical University. It brought together more than 20 professors and academic members and 150 students from Iranian universities. Nature-based solutions and smart solutions for the protection of urban ecological resources were discussed, along with participatory approaches for urban nature management in different contexts. Successful experiences in the management of urban nature in different locations around the world were presented. A 2-day excursion was additionally organized in the northwest of Iran (Einali park, Jolfa free zone, Aras Geopark, Aras riverside and boundary of Iran with Azerbaijan and Armenia, Urmia lake, and Kandovan old village). …READ MORE

Founding of the Iran Research Centre for Urban Ecology


The SURE Iran chapter is founding the Iran Research Centre for Urban Ecology for advancing the goals of the Society for Urban Ecology (SURE).

The overarching targets of the Iran Research Centre are:

  • International, national, and regional cooperation and networking between Iran and the SURE
  • Cooperation with public and private organizations and institutions
  • Holding training courses, workshops, conferences, symposiums, etc.
  • Educational and scientific support of Iranian students, experts and institutions

Symposium Urban Ecosystem Management held by SURE Iran on 22 February 2022 at Tabriz University


Under the leadership of Prof. Akbar Rahimi, SURE Iran Chapter held a one-day symposium on Urban Ecosystem Management at Tabriz University, Iran, on 22 February.

More than 45 students of different departments and faculties participated and actively discussed the subjects presented by Prof. Cristian Ioja, University of Bucharest, Romania (SURE treasurer), and Prof. Jürgen Breuste, University of Salzburg, Austria (SURE president). The symposium took place in the Shahid Bakeri Hall of Tabriz University and included a site visit to El Goli Park, the largest inner-city green space in city of Tabriz.

The presented and discussed subjects were: urban wildlife, management of biodiversity, and urban tree and green space management. The symposium is already the fourth that is organized since 2019 by SURE Iran at Tabriz University on the subject of urban ecosystem management. These symposia are of constant and rising interest among students and practitioners. Supported by an ERASMUS + cooperation, there is an intensive exchange of students from Tabriz University with University of Bucharest, Romania, and University of Salzburg, Austria.

Symposium participants

Field discussion with Prof. Cristian Ioja and Prof. Akbar Rahimi

Urban biodiversity and its management – SURE Iran symposium


SURE Chapter Iran organized under the leadership of Prof. Akbar Rahimi, University Tabriz, on Tuesday 19th October 2021 in Tabriz, 2021 a national symposium with international guests.

The symposium connects to the UN Biodiversity Conference (CBD COP 15) (Part 1) in October 2021 in Kunming, China. It is made clear that the post-2020 global biodiversity framework will be taken, together with decisions on related topics including capacity building and resource mobilization. Urban biodiversity must be focused much more than before. To this the symposium is a supportive contribution.

The president of SURE Chapter Iran, Prof. Dr. Poor Mohamadi, former governor of Iran’s Azerbaidshan province opened the symposium. SURE president Prof. Dr. Jürgen Breuste gave with his presentation on “Urban Biodiversity – by Urban Environmental Management” an orientation for urban biodiversity development. Prof. Dr. Cristian Ioja, University Bucharest, Romania, president of SURE South East Europe Urban talked about “Urban protected areas in a global perspective” and a “Multi-criteria analysis in environmental decision-making process”.

Participants on the symposium were beside scientists about 120 students in presence and online. In the afternoon part these students were included into different interactive courses related to aspects of urban biodiversity and urban design.

Prof. Ioja, Prof. Rahimi, Prof. Breuste, Prof. Poor Mohamadi