Chapter Iran

SURE Chapter Iran founded

The SURE Chapter Iran was founded on 11th June 2019 with the aim of expanding international cooperation on urban ecology in Iran and at University of Tabriz. The main purpose of SURE Chapter Iran is to encourage for participation of young and active researchers in urban ecosystem management, urban sustainable development, landscape architecture, urban and regional planning, urban ecology, and geography. The SURE Chapter Iran, was established at University of Tabriz in the northwest of Iran to participate and expand the membership of other Iranian universities researchers, students, institutes and organizations.

Steering committee in SURE ChapterIran

Prof. Mohammadreza Pourmohammadi is the president of Iran SURE chapter. He is professor in Department of geography and urban planning, University of Tabriz. Also he is the governor of East Azerbaijan province in Iran and he was president of University of Tabriz.

Dr. Akbar Rahimi is the secretary of Iran SURE chapter. Assistance Professor in Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Tabriz.

Dr. Iraj Shahinbaher, Mayor of Tabriz City. The City of Tabriz is institutional member of SURE

Dr. Fereydoun Babaei-Aghdam, Department of Geography and Urban Planning, University of Tabriz. He is head of Urban Planning and Architecture Commission in City Council.

Dr. Hossein Nazmfar, Department of Geography and Urban Planning, University of Ardabil.

The Iranian Chapter SURE has 52 members, in majority students.

Prof. Mohammadreza Pourmohammadi

Prof. Mohammadreza Pourmohammadi