The Society for Urban Ecology (SURE)
AMALIA ILIE in Izmir (May 2024)

AMALIA ILIE in Izmir (May 2024)

Past SURE Student Grants

Home university, department:

University of Bucharest, Romania

Faculty of Geography

Course of studies:

Environmental Sciences

SURE event attended: 

International Workshop “Resilient Coasts & Nature-based Solutions” and “1st Climate Fest” in Izmir, Turkiye

Date of SURE event attended:

14-17th May 2024

Contribution to SURE event (format/topic):


Please share in few sentences your most exciting learnings during the SURE event:

The workshop was insightful, emphasizing the huge potential of incorporating natural systems into methods for coastal management.

It was quite enlightening to learn that such low-tech, natural solutions might have significant positive effects on the environment and the economy. The event was memorable thanks to the abundance of fresh knowledge and the lively exchange of ideas.

The occasion also emphasized how crucial it is to include the community and work across sectors in order to create long-lasting and successful nature-based solutions.

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