The Society for Urban Ecology (SURE)


Past SURE Student Grants

Home university, department:

University of Bucharest, Romania

Faculty of Geography, Environmental Science

Course of studies:

Master’s Programme in Integrated Environmental Assessment

SURE event attended:

International Workshop “Resilient Coasts & Nature-based Solutions” and “1st Climate Fest” in Izmir, Turkiye

Date of SURE event attended:

14 to 17 May

Contribution to SURE event (format/topic):

I took part in the multidisciplinary groups formed in order to find Nature Based Solutions (NbS) to increase the climate resilience of the Kordon area in Izmir.

Please share in few sentences your most exciting learnings during the SURE event:

First of all, it was an incredibly insightful experience to attend all of the presentations of the SURE members, before starting on the group project. I feel like we deepened our existing knowledge on the topic and it really helped us set our objectives straight for the final project. We learned all about good practices in other countries related to NbS, green, blue and grey infrastructure and other methods implemented to coastal areas or areas susceptible to flooding.

Secondly, I got to meet a couple of amazing people, students from the EGE University, who gave us the warmest welcome, showed us parts of their vast culture, gastronomy and traditions and were very proactive all throughout the project.

Overall, it was a unique experience and I am very grateful I could be part of it!

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