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ECOSERV Poznań 2023

ECOSERV Poznań 2023

Events 2023

The 7th Scientific Symposium “Ecosystem services in a transdisciplinary approach” – ECOSERV 2023 organized by Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań together with SURE – Central Europe Chapter and the National ESP Network took place on 14-16th September 2023 in Poland. The event gathered 100 participants from 15 countries.

Participants showed approximately 60 presentations and 20 posters during two plenary and eight thematic sessions. Their topics included:

  • Ecosystem services across various ecosystems: urban ecosystem, water ecosystem
  • Ecosystem Services at the landscape level;
  • Socio-cultural services of ecosystems;
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem services;
  • Mapping and assessment of ecosystem services;
  • Ecosystem services in management practice;
  • Services provided by the main types of ecosystems in Poland

ECOSERV 2023 brought together research, ideas, concepts, and experiences and provided a friendly forum for discussing research and presenting different points of view on mapping, assessing, and implementation of ecosystem services.

We are looking forward to meeting you during the next event!

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