The Society for Urban Ecology (SURE)
MIHAELA MĂIANU in Izmir (May 2024)

MIHAELA MĂIANU in Izmir (May 2024)

Past SURE Student Grants

Home university, department:

University of Bucharest, Romania

Environmental science

Course of studies:

Environmental science

SURE event attended:

Workshop ‘Coastal Resilience & Nature-based Solutions’ & `1st Climate Fest` in Izmir, Turkiye

Date of SURE event attended:

14-17 May 2024

Contribution to SURE event (format/topic):

During the discussion, we learned and discussed the coastal floods in Izmir as well as nature-based
approaches to addressing this problem. The Climate Fest took place in the garden of the
Faculty of Agriculture at Ege University. It included several environmental awareness initiatives
intended to educate people about the consequences of climate change on ecosystems, cities and
health. Also, knowledge was spread about the Sustainable Development Goals.

Please share in few sentences your most exciting learnings during the SURE event:

Nature-based solutions is a viable option for addressing stormwater in Izmir, where there is a
lack of permeable space. To increase porosity, existing natural open spaces should be preserved and
enhanced. Afforestation and permeabilization projects can help reduce impermeable areas. Options
include restoring streams, creating floodable parks, soil amendment, bioswales, rain gardens, and
renaturalizing forests.
Izmir faces high exposure to climate change due to rapid growth, coastal location, and dense population. Challenges in urban planning for adaptation stem from limited knowledge of environmental conditions and overall growth in Turkiye.

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