The Society for Urban Ecology (SURE)
Past SURE Student Grants



Home university, department:

University of Bucharest, Romania

Department of Environmental Sciences 

Course of studies:

Integrated Environmental Assessment

SURE event attended: 

Workshop ‘Coastal Resilience & Nature-based Solutions’ & `1st Climate Fest’ in Izmir, Turkiye

Date of SURE event attended:

14-17th May 2024 

Contribution to SURE event (format/topic):

Urban Floods Poster

Please share in few sentences your most exciting learnings during the SURE event:

Taking part in the “Resilient Coasts 2 Climate” Workshop has aided me on multiple facets of my academic and practical development in the domain of urban and environmental planning, especially in the cases of coastal cities and their specific challenges.

Firstly, observing the presentations of the professors and researchers on the topic, as well as adjacent but complementary subjects, has broadened my horizon of understanding the issue at large.

We approached matters of how we view wilderness in relation to the urban settlement, in order to better understand the expectations of people on one hand, and the realities of nature. This insightful discussion allowed us to challenge the actual narrative and push for a better understanding of nature and how it is, instead of how we want it to be.

Moreover, we explored several nature-based solutions, as well as recognized the merits of grey infrastructure, in regards to their contribution to the resilience, mitigation and adaptation to the threats that come with the close proximity to large bodies of water, or with the localization in a high precipitation area or season.

Secondly, we had the chance to experience the challenges of a coastal city firsthand, walking along the coast of Izmir, Kordon area, and interacting with the locals, who shared their experience with the area and helped us get a better understanding of the activities, priorities and attractions of the coast area.

All in all, being part of the discussions and the practical activity of planning a new, more resilient model for the coastal area at hand, has enriched my understanding of the particularities of each study area, the importance of entwining environmental and planning needs with the human and cultural needs of a city. I am truly grateful to have had this experience.